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Gurgaon first terrace stock market based restaurant where the drink prices change based on real time demand, 0124 Bar Exchange (OPEN TERRACE BREWERY) presents an experience similar to trading in the stock market

delicious food

It is delicious, delectable, mouthwatering, tasty, delightful, gorgeous, lip smacking, yummy, wonderful in taste and aroma; never unappetizing, unappealing, or tasteless. pleasing to your taste. your sense of taste.

Taste the best !

opening times


12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

our Team

S.D.PANDEY (​GM Operations & Business)

Who has had a life long interest in quality food, the hospitality industry and the latest culinary trends. An experienced host who works hard to cultivate a high profile with guests, and possesses a strong understanding of financial margins and controls. I consider being the beating heart of a restaurant's success and as a hand’s on manager is personally involved in rallying staff, serving customers, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. Possess excellent leadership, communication, and presentation & relationship management skills.

Jagdish Chauhan(Executive Chef & Master Chef Indian)

A calm, pleasant, helpful and hardworking individual who has a passion for great food and who enjoys cooking mouth watering dishes. Charles gets a real buzz out of working in a busy kitchen, and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying a good meal that he has cooked. As a natural leader he is not only able to give orders and delegate tasks, but is also able to reliably carry out orders as well. As a experienced Chef he has a proven track record of making great food that will entice diners and leave them wanting more. He loves the freedom of expression that cooking gives him and is willing to work hard to build a career in the culinary world.

Jimmy(Executive & Master Chef Chinese)

Self-motivated,hands-on Chef who prefers to lead by example. 27+ years’ experience in managing Chinese food,developing recipe and serving patrons.A versatile individual who has a positive attitude and the demonstrated ability to work under pressure.Energetic,entrepreneurial Executive Chef who is eager to lead and help grow the prospective company. A methodical individual who constantly seeks a better way to maximize guest satisfaction. 27 years’ proven track record of managing operations of busy kitchen area, implementing production process, and estimating food.Thorough understanding of HACCP. Known for motivating staff and coaching culinary team to continually improve performance.

Fresh ingredient, tasty meals.

Ingredients have served useful functions in a variety of foods. Maintain or Improve Safety and Freshness. Improve or Maintain Nutritional Value.Improve Taste, Texture and Appearance.

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